Do I Need to File a U.S. Tax Return for Royalty Income Reported on Form 1042-S with $0.00 Withholding?

Do I Need to File a U.S. Tax Return for Royalty Income Reported on Form 1042-S with $0.00 Withholding?

QUESTION: Today, I received a Form 1042-S by mail at my address in Pakistan. It shows income code 12 with $0.00 withholding for royalties, such as payments for copyright, software, broadcasting, and endorsements. Do I need to take any further action or file this form as well?

If you have received a Form 1042-S that lists Income Code 12, this indicates you have been paid royalties, which could include payments for copyrights, software, broadcasting, and endorsements. Under the U.S.-Pakistan tax treaty, these types of royalties are subject to zero withholding, which means they are not taxed further by the U.S. This arrangement simplifies your tax reporting requirements significantly.

What This Means for You: Since there was no tax withheld on these royalties as per the treaty agreement, you have already met your tax obligations in the U.S. for this income. Consequently, no additional filing or payment is necessary regarding this income on your U.S. tax return.

Why This Is Beneficial: The treaty’s purpose is to avoid double taxation on the same income and to promote cross-border trade and investment. For you, this means peace of mind knowing that your royalty income will not be subjected to further taxation in the U.S. and reduces your compliance burden.

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