Proforma 1120 & 5472 Fax Services

Proforma 1120 & 5472 Fax Services

Greetings! We’re excited to offer our dedicated fax service tailored for foreign-owned U.S. Disregarded Entities. With a straightforward fee of $100, we provide a fast and secure solution for submitting your Form 5472 and pro forma Form 1120. Forget about the hassle of finding fax machines or dealing with international mail—let us streamline your IRS filing process.

Our Offering Includes:
  • Pricing: A flat rate of $100 per submission, with no hidden fees. Learn more about our pricing.

  • Efficiency: We ensure your forms are faxed within 24 hours of receipt.

  • Security: Highest standards of confidentiality and data protection.

  • Simplicity: Just send us your documents, and we handle everything else.

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  • Get Started Now: Simplify your tax filing today. Click below to pay and upload your Form 1120 and Form 5472. We’ll take care of the faxing quickly and securely.

Thank you for choosing O&G Tax and Accounting Services LLC for your IRS filing needs. We are here to ensure that your experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible.